ColinHeadshotColin Cochran is an American artist who grew up on Cape Cod and is based in New York and Santa Fe. His paintings have been exhibited widely, including solo shows in New York’s Chelsea and Soho art districts, Hudson, NY, and Santa Fe, New Mexico. His works have been reviewed and won praise in such publications as “Art in America,” “NY Arts,” and “Art and Antiques” magazines. His paintings are included in many private art collections.

Cochran “will take any image or subject in Creation and make it his own ” according to essayist William Zimmer. He typically chooses images from nature, such as ravens, sea birds, Ponderosa pines, armadillos or landscapes. His technique is expressive and dynamic with an emphasis on the texture and complexity of paint. In the words of James Kalm in “NY Arts” magazine, Cochran “is able to develop beautiful and unexpected results that tickle the eye and seem to have been created in a partnership with nature that doesn’t allow for either participant to dominate.” In his own words Cochran has said, “My intention is to create paintings as visual poetry. I want to get down to the essential nature of things.”